"Pooley Bridge"

By Will Austen (aged 11)

Banner Image: © Will Austen

Pooley Bridge

by Will Austen, aged 11

The raven steamer chugged along

The tranquil length of Ullswater,

Howl went the wind

Against the will of the tangled trees.

Mournfully, mournfully, the mountains stood,

Towering above the lake below,

Clinging by the fingertips, huge slabs of granite hung,

Peering over the mountain face,

Dreading a watery grave,

Mighty, merciless, majestic.

Tranquil, timeless, the place that I love.

A note from Will (now aged 13)

I live in north Devon and love coming up to the lake district on holiday, I love Pooley Bridge because there is a great community and nice shops and pubs. I have recently been given the job of getting the family croissants in the morning.

There is a cool little rope swing over the river which we have loved since the first time we came up. We also love the steamer but we don’t go on it as much anymore. When we came up in the summer it was quite busy but we enjoyed one or two early morning swims in the lake before it got busy in the morning.

I think that it is great just to have a change of scenery and I love the atmosphere of the lake district and it is great to cross off some Wainrights!

We love going over to Howtown in the evening and skimming stones on the beach.

We found some stepping stones near the dam and we walk up to them in the evening.