Aerial Tours of the Ullswater Valley

Take an aerial tour of the iconic Ullswater Valley. Read the landscape from on high and imagine how its peaks and valleys have been sculpted by ice and water. Imagine the lives of those who have lived and worked here throughout its long history - its farmers, fisherfolk and miners. Wonder at its mosaic of habitats and be inspired by its beauty.

Start your tour from one of 4 locations: Glenridding, Aira Force, Howtown (Hallin Fell), or Pooley Bridge. Explore the 360 degree views.

Click on the icons to discover sites of interest around the valley, identify the main peaks, and open doors to the Heritage Knowledge Bank. You can also use the menu at the bottom of the screen.

With thanks to Colin Aldred of  Aerial Artwork who created the Aerial Tours, and to the Nineveh Charitable Trust, the National Trust and Ullswater Steamers for their generous support.