Ullswater, the lake, is at the heart of the valley. Find out how it was formed and about its ecology. Imagine Pooley Bridge in its fisheries heyday in the 1800s and find out how the lake was saved from almost becoming a reservoir.

Discover the impact of Storm Desmond in the valley and actions being taken by Ullswater Catchment Management CIC to mitigate future flood damage. Learn about river restoration projects by the National Trust, and Eden Rivers Trust.

Get a feel for the valley's geological history - a story of volcanos, colliding continents, tropical seas, and ice.

Discover the range of upland habitats that are found in the Ullswater Valley or focus on particular habitats such as upland peat bogs, hay meadows, hedges or Aira's forgotten rainforests.

Find out the flowering plants or fungi you are likely to see, or the birds you are likely to encounter.

Read the extraordinary story of the Swan Man.

From protecting red squirrels and dark skies to regenerative farming, water course restoration and reinstating hay meadows, the Ullswater Valley is home to a range of innovative approaches to protect the landscape and conserve its biodiversity.

Discover how Friends of the Lake District has sought to protect the unique character of Ullswater for more than 80 years. Find out how the John Muir Trust manages Glenridding Common. Learn how Ullswater Catchment Management works with farmers and local communities to improve natural flood management and nature recovery.

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