Kirkbarrow Hall

Kirkbarrow Hall © Gordon Lightburn

Extract from Sockbridge and Tirril Heritage Trail

The Gothic house on the main road, now a dairy farm, once belonged to Leonard Dacre, described by Queen Elizabeth as a "very cankred subtill traitor" for his role in the Rising of the North (1569). It then passed by marriage to Philip Howard, Earl of Arundel (who married Ann Dacre). He was sent to the Tower for treason. Kirkbarrow was bought in 1583 by Cuthbert Sisson, whose descendants occupied it for seven generations.

Over the porch an eroded statue of Mary has been replaced by a skilful replica, and an elaborate coat of arms includes a caduceus, emblem of medicine. The arms are those of John Cowper of Carlton Hall (and Harley Street) who bought Kirkbarrow in 1828.

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