Ann Macbeth

The Nativity by Ann Macbeth, by kind permission of Patterdale Church CouncilPhoto credit G Lightburn
The Good Shepherd by Ann Macbeth, by kind permission of Patterdale Church CouncilPhoto Credit G Lightburn

You can see these two works by Ann Macbeth in St. Patrick's Church Patterdale 

Grid Reference: NY 3930 1613

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More about Ann Macbeth

Ann Macbeth, born in 1875 in Bolton, was a leading student in Fra and Jessie Newberry's Glasgow School of Art. She later became Head of Embroidery there. Her strong design motifs complemented the furniture and stylish new interiors being created by, amongst others, Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

After winning the silver medal at the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Turin, Italy, in 1902, she gained a European reputation. Her influence, through her inspired teaching with its emphasis on design, can still be felt today. She wrote several books for children and adults to propagate her view that everyone is capable of creating attractive and useful objects.

Ann Macbeth lived for many years in both Hartsop and Patterdale and her work can be seen in Glasgow, London and here in St. Patrick's Church, Patterdale. One of her leading students, Grace Melvin, helped to set up the School of Art in Vancouver, thus spreading  Ann's influence to Canada and other parts of the world.

You can read more about Ann Macbeth here

Ann Macbeth about 1914, from The Life of Ann Macbeth, with thanks to Patterdale WI