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The nearest spot on the Ullswater Way is at the Heritage Trail Roman Seat.

Grid Reference: NY 482 227. What3Words:///fermented.invested.presuming. What3Words link: https://w3w.co/fermented.invested.presuming 

The artists's actual location was at Heugh Scar, which is north of Heughscar Hill on Askham Fell

Grid Reference: NY 487 237. What3Words: /// funky.eradicate.curls.  What3Words link: https://w3w.co/funky.eradicate.curls

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My name is Tim Watson. I studied Fine Art in Newcastle Upon Tyne for my degree. I am originally from N Wales but now live and work in the beautiful Eden Valley at my home/studio/gallery Brightside Barn in Clifton Dykes. Mountains, fells and hills are my passion.

I use three main practices for my art works. Firstly, acrylics on heavy watercolour paper. These often include my text\poetry integral to the work. Secondly, brush, pen and ink pieces using my own made oak-gall ink. Thirdly, I use a plaster on board technique to incorporate found objects into larger pieces of work. All these practices can be seen on my website - timwatsonartist.co.uk

The piece chosen here is called Cadence. I chose this viewpoint as it is the highpoint of one of my local fell runs. Every time I run up from Askham this view opens out as a wondrous surprise and the lake gleams scintillating among the fells surrounding it, no two days the same. A view shared over human time judging by the ancient remains of stone circles, cairns and burial cysts in this area. This is the poem, Cadence, written into the piece...

Motionless atop the buried pavement  

Limestone pushing through frozen turves 

I look over

Sinuous coils Ullswater’s serpent 

Plunging ridges stoop to caress 

Gleaming light her scales reflect 

High snows masking familiar fells 

Defining the lines

Blurring the margins

Fleeting beams ignite in passing 

Ochre grass, burnt fired bracken 

Rich verdant field, darkened clouds roll 

Bringing a compressing weight 

Concentrating awareness

I drop over

Running towards prehistory 

Opened tumuli, cysts, cairns

Lead to the circle

The circle in the heather

Ever gazing outward 

Witnessing time slip past

I crouch down

Breathe in the cadence of this place 

Breathe in this mortal coil

You can find my work and musings on Instagram and Facebook under Timwatsonartist or my website timwatsonartist.co.uk I am always happy for people to visit the studio where there are lots of finished pieces to see.  

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