JMW Turner

Lowther Castle, Westmoreland, the Seat of the Earl  of Lonsdale, North-West view from Ullswater lane, Evening  c 1809-1810Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Find the spot that inspired JMW Turner

This is not the exact location but gives a similar perspective and is on the Ullswater Way. 

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More about JMW Turner

Joseph Mallord William Turner, born in 1775, is regarded as the greatest of English Landscape painters because of his handling of light, colour and atmosphere. He first visited the Lake District in 1797 and this is when most of his paintings and sketches of the area were produced. He returned for short visits in 1801 and 1809. 

One of his most enthusiastic patrons was the Earl of Egremont, who had close connections with the Lake District. Turner painted a view of Cockermouth Castle for him.

In Turner's most famous paintings, such as The Fighting Temeraire his work became more impressionistic and reflects a world changed by the Industrial Revolution. John Ruskin, influential critic and Lake District resident celebrated this later work. Turner died in 1851.

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